The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show is just around the corner,(next weekend).  It was such a wonderful day out last year and l learnt so much. Something that took my interest was the Royal Horticultural Society of Victoria’s Hanging Basket Challenge. So l became a member and entered the challenge for 2016. I have become just a little competitive I think since l started growing my big pumpkins so l thought l would give it a go.

Today was the big moving day for my Hanging Basket and after losing so much sleep over how l was going to get to the event( 90 minutes away)without damaging it, me plan of a racket strap and some bailing twine did the trick wonderfully. After months of fussing over the basket it’s a big relief that the big day has arrived and everything when smoothly. I must admit l had never grown a hanging basket before but l really enjoyed the challenge, and l did find it a challenge at some stages. I think l replaced three plants that stopped shining(died) and I was certainly not overly impressed with my sparse completed basket but sometime l can be a little hard on myself, so l’ll give it my best shot. I will defiantly be adding a few more hanging baskets around the place as l think they are pretty special.

The Royal Horticultural Society provided the basket,liner, soil and a $10 voucher for plants ( which we could add to if we so chose) and as always when l go to the nursery I get so swept up in the plants and their beauty I spent three times more than l should and ended up having too many plants for my projects. This time was no different!!! But l’m pretty sure that’s normal for any gardener. We were given the basket kits in the middle of December so we have had three months to produce our best work.  Last years all the entries were so fantastic l’m pretty sure this year has been a practice run for me. I was just really excited to see all the different baskets on display last year and I’m a little excited to see my basket hanging with the others this year. I have not really entered any competition quite like this before but recommend it to everyone. It was such a great lesson on which plants to use and how to maintain the basket for a great result and so much fun! Every gardener is different and no basket was the same so it really is a bit of a showcase of your own style and taste.

With the season being a little crazy this year it will be interesting to see which plants and baskets coped with the changing season. The judging takes place next weekend at the Flower and Garden and a wonderful bunch of RHSV member will maintain the baskets until then. So fingers crossed for some sunshine to  bring on the blooms and may to best basket win.

I will be attending the show next Sunday and I’m really looking forward to posting the wonderful winners shortly after.

Happy Gardening:)

About Chantal

My name is Chantal Currie, I'm 40 years old and married with two children, a Labrador named Lola, a very spoilt chihuahua Milo and Tiger the cat. I live and work on our dairy farming property. My hobbies use to be my kids now they don't need me anymore (boohoo) l get to spend my time in my garden.

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  1. Wow they are beautiful and creative. I love the coffee pod idea. It’s a fabulous garden show isn’t it? Good luck !!!

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