My Hanging Basket Entry 2016

The last few week for me has been a bit of a fizzer. Not much seem to be going my way in the garden or my life. I have always found my garden to be my escape from it all but l have even struggled to get motivated to do anything out there either(not good for the stress levels l know). After my last post and delivering my Hanging Basket safely to the competition, things got crazy around here and l didn’t get to the Flower and Garden Show to see my basket in its full glory. I was very excited to find when l went to pick it up on Monday it was right up in the front row. No Prizewinner but l felt l had done ok, and maybe l will give it another go next year. Some of those gardeners are just gifted to some sort of crazy level l might not be able to achieve greatness but it is fun trying:) The Royal Horticultural Society have a Big Day Out in June to celebrate the winners and l am really looking forward to checking out my competition then. Or maybe just picking their brains for some of those awesome tips and tricks.

 Other news around the garden. That pumpkin!!!! Yes l’m still having a constant daily battle in my own head as to whether it should come out or stay in. I really don’t want it to go south at this point. This CRAZY SEASON!!!!! I have even been told there has been Giant Pumpkin Competitions cancelled due to poor growing season. It still seems to be growing but has slowed down rapidly due to the colder weather and changing seasons. l guess each day at the moment is a bonus. The patch as a whole still has many new baby pumpkin popping up everywhere which is a little surprising but l guess I have always removed the Giant Pumpkin in the first week in March for the local Agricultural Show. So it all a little new to me having it continue to grow till the end of March and even though my giant didn’t present itself when it was suppose too this year l have really enjoyed watching it grow I have learnt a few new things to take into next growing season. So it all for the greater good.

So with the final telly of only 4 Cinderella Pumpkins, one pint sized Jarradale, and two funny looking l’m not sures, my other edible pumpkins didn’t really tickle me pink the years either, the zucchinis are still producing fruit and you guessed it after picking 5763(just kidding) but maybe. They are soon to be removed to make way for some broccoli. Tomato crop was fed mostly to the Harlequin beetle so I feel a massive job on my hands to pull this patch back together.

I have started to prepare and weed the garden beds for the autumn veggies. With the major infestation of Harlequin Beetle which have caused some not so pleasing results. I have decided not to plant much more out there at the minute until l removed my old wood from the garden beds and replaced them with some bricks to try to lower the numbers of beetles. After some quizzing, my nursery man has given me plenty to do as a matter of control but some of the veggie patch will need a really working over l think. More about those horrible beetles another day.

I have started my Broccoli and Koli Rabi which are new to my garden this year. I have also got some Foxglove, Russell Lipin, Comprey and Birds of Paradise seeds starting for my bigger picture garden plan. So l will keep you posted on their progress.

My biggest addition to my garden the past month has been my new water pond. After listening to the wonderful sounds of the frogs in my recycled bath pond and having my waterlily flower for the first time this year I decided to add another.  I spotted a great recycle idea using an old tractor tyre and my pond was in motion. We already had the old tyre and the pump for the water flow. A quick trip to the local hardware store to purchased some pond liner and all that was left to do was dig the hole. I must admit not the best time of year to be digging in the ground(rock hard but a good workout). The pond is not quite complete still needing some rocks around the outside, but it does have new water plants and 4 new goldfish. l have also started planting some succulents around the pond. I would really love to add another one of these on the other side of the bath. Just another thing on my to do list:)

Stella my houseplant is doing well, still producing the occasional cute little flower. But Fern not so good. After a run in with the dogs slightly

Sucessful Stella

Successful Stella

large butt and ending upside down on the garden it is slightly well a lot struggling. I have spent a lot of time saying really nice things to it but its touch and go for a bit. Fingers crossed l haven’t failed my own indoor houseplants challenge:) My new air plants are also doing well. Love them, I’m on the hunt for a flowering one next.

Poor Fern

Poor Fern

So with the change of season comes some wonderful new adventure and challengers ahead, lots of hard work and maintenance and rebuilding of garden beds. Any infestation to work out and some new plant additions and final hopefully a half decent size pumpkin to take to the local brownie unit.

I hope you enjoy my garden update as much as l love sharing it with you.

Till Next Time

Happy Gardening:)

About Chantal

My name is Chantal Currie, I'm 40 years old and married with two children, a Labrador named Lola, a very spoilt chihuahua Milo and Tiger the cat. I live and work on our dairy farming property. My hobbies use to be my kids now they don't need me anymore (boohoo) l get to spend my time in my garden.

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  1. It took me a few days to read your post as I was trying to clean out my own garden. The melting snow left some horrid souvenirs of cats . Tomorrow I will prune the grape vine and the kiwi vine. I have a few snowdrops and crocuses and the tu,iPa and daffodils have sent up shoots. It will be brutally cold on Sunday. However. They are very hardy and my garden is sheltered so I have hopes that all will be well. I love your hanging basket, your white pumpkin and most of all your water feature. Maybe I will( get one this year. Have you heard of moss graffiti? I want to try that on a wall out back. Take care and keep growing

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    • Chantal says:

      Hey Isobel, Thank you for your lovely reply. I’m so glad the snow is starting to clear for you. It’s such a wonderful time of the year for you I’m sure and l can’t wait to see all your wonderful gardens coming out of the winter and into spring. My new pond is my favourite part of my garden at the moment every time l go out my front door l can hear the frogs its just really special. The graffiti moss l tried last spring as we are looking at making it one of our crafts activities for the local Guide Unit. It failed, I think because l couldn’t get it right moss for the project. If you decide to give it a go l would love to hear how you go:)
      Hope you have a wonderful weekend
      Happy Gardening:)


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