img_0375To was my birthday a few weeks ago, it’s nice to let it quietly slip by, just another year older a little bit wiser(I hope).  l don’t mind getting a little spoilt by my hubby and kids and they always make me feel very special. This year my daughter gave me a vertical garden, she also planted it out with some gorgeous flowers. It is my first vertical planter I think it  look wonderful and l’m looking forward to adding to it with some more vertical planters in the future.





She also added a cute little turtle and with the left over plants from the vertical garden project she planted these wonderful pots of colour that now sits at my front door. I did get a giggle when she came looking for extra pots, like mother like daughter she just couldn’t leave the nursery without way more plants than she needed. I don’t think l know anybody that goes to the nursery and doesn’t end up buying way more than is required.
My hubby brought me a fantastic trailer for my ride-on mower. I had been dropping hints for a few months now so I’m so excited he remembered. It’s called the Jak Max trailer and l would have to say it’s one of my favourite new toys in the garden. It can either be used by itself just like a super sized wheelbarrow pushed and pulled around the garden by hand or be hooked to the back of the ride-on mower for easy mobility. It’s also a tilt trailer for easy removal of your garden waste, all you need to do is pull up to your pile and pull a lever, the whole trailer lifts and tips out your waste. It is so easy to use and although my wheelbarrow will still be getting a great workout my trailer will definitely be my workhorse from now on. I have spent the last few days out in the garden weeding, removing my pumpkin patch, cleaning up leaf litter, and my massive out of control pile of pots and even collecting fire wood all with ease with my super awesome trailer.


The tilt trailer make for easy removal of your waste.

I think the only problem is that l can’t back a trailer!!! But I never look at anything as a problem just a challenge, so l have started teaching myself. Can you believe that in my 41 years of life on a farm l never learnt this task. Let me tell you there is certain skill required to achieve such a task but I’m improving everyday. Practice makes perfect right, I’m just lucky l live in the country and nobody can see me going back and forward, back and forward 15 times practicing just to get it straight and so not to jackknife the trailer.:)

My present may sound like hard work to some, but l love my new trailer and I’ve already got a new list of jobs on the to-do-list. Some may like a bunch of flowers but l just want to create my very own living bunch of flowers right in my backyard to enjoy everyday not just my birthday.

Do you have any new gardening tools or maybe it’s an old favourite one you use in your garden that just make your day easier? I’d love to hear what it is and how it has changed your gardening for the better.

Till Tomorrow

Happy Gardening:)



About Chantal

My name is Chantal Currie, I'm 40 years old and married with two children, a Labrador named Lola, a very spoilt chihuahua Milo and Tiger the cat. I live and work on our dairy farming property. My hobbies use to be my kids now they don't need me anymore (boohoo) l get to spend my time in my garden.

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  1. Love your new toy…the trailers and i imagine you backing away after your practice tries. How nice to have lots of room to try manouevering. Had our first really warm day yesterday and at last I can begin really putting the garden to rights. A big crisis about my roof that turned out well in the end distracted me there for a few days. It’s in the blog! Have a soft day.

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    • Chantal says:

      Your always so kind with your comments. I’m do feel very lucky to have a big backyard but with a big backyard comes a lot of works too. Although this is not seen as a problem as my garden is my relaxation and my therapy so l love to get out there as much as time allows. I’m so glad you can get back to your garden after you roof problem, I’m happy to hear you got it sorted. It’s always good to get a second and even a third quote sometime. It keeps those tradies honest:) Can’t wait to see what your garden has to offer. Enjoy your wonderful weather and your garden, I hope it brings you some sunshine in your life. Have a lovely day.


  2. The Moore Family Homestead says:

    That’s very awesome of your Hubby to do that for you! I’m actually extremely jealous of you!

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    • Chantal says:

      He is pretty awesome! I think it’s easier for him to go into a gardening gadget store than a girly store (being the bloke he is).LOL
      Hope you have a great day:)


  3. Leah says:

    Fantastic gifts showing that your daughter and husband truly know how to feed your passion!

    I’m more than a little jealous of the trailer, but since I haven’t got a tractor, I guess I’ll just stick to my wheel barrow.

    I had to learn how to back up a trailer when we got our RV; I’m still no pro, but I found watching a few tutorials on youtube helped more than any advice out there! It helped me to remember to go counter-intuitive. Happy driving!

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  4. Oh yeah, I can totally see that trailer as a fine birthday present for a gardener! Anything to help make the tasks more efficient so you can spend more time digging in the soil and just enjoying your handiwork. I thoroughly enjoyed your post. In addition to the tractor, your pretty vertical garden and flower pots from your daughter. What a sweetheart!

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  5. I’m SO jealous that you have a garden big enough to use a tractor! I have a tiny pallet garden and would like more room to grow the veggies we like. Here you are putting your garden to bed and I am just working on my tiny patch to get things going. I’m happy that my kale and chard grew all winter and the kale is now flowering. I haven’t the heart to pull it up (all leggy and spindly) because the bees are feeding on it.

    Backing a tractor with trailer is more difficult than most people understand. In time you will have it down pat and others will marvel at your expertise. (I was once completely confounded trying to back up a farm tractor, hay baler and wagon. After I
    got it” I wondered why I had a problem.)

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