My name is Chantal Currie, I am 40yrs old and live in Australia, one an half hours from the beach, the city, the snowfields and the international airport. Pretty great place to live l think guess that’s why l have lived here my whole life. Moving only 25km for the house that l grow up in to the home l now live in with my husband Dave. We have been together for 22yrs and married for 7yrs. We have two great kids Blake(21), he moved out of home about three years ago and l still miss him most days, and Natalie(16) still at home but like most teenagers her social life sometimes means passing in the wind:)
We have a Labrador Lola, a very spoilt Chihuahua Milo and a old cat Tiger and a couple hundred cows all with their own names but to many to mention.
We live and work on our Dairy farm and love the life on the land even though it is a lot of hard work and not a lot of time off. I milk the cows and raise the babies(calves) and help out with general day to day task where needed.
My hobbies include spending time in my garden, which I started a few years ago in an attempt to fill in the void we all get as parents of growing children. I have also had a little trauma in my life in the last few years and my garden has been my therapy and retreat. Gardening has also brought out my competitive side which l never know l had. I would REALLY love to grow Australia’s Heaviest Pumpkin. I really find growing these giants a bit of fun. I like getting crafty and love Pinterest, I like to steal/borrow a lot of my ideas from there:) thanks heaps pinner!!! For the last few years l have been volunteering at the local Girl Guides    I starting out as a unit helper when my daughter was attending but now I just attending every couple of months for craft fun. I have had my blog for about 12 months but have only recently started committing to it as l find myself needing to keep some focus in life. I really love reading everyone else’s blogs and also love writing about my gardening adventures and hope l may be about to give back a little info l have borrowed over my life. I don’t have any real qualification and my spelling and punctuation sometime leave a lot to be desired I hope you are about to overlook my faults because after all I’m just human after all.