Companion planting is not a new thing but has been going on for a very long time. There is evidence of writings of companion planting but a Marcus Varro in Roman as far back as 116-27 BC. These trends seen to have echo the next 2000 years or so. Clearly even back then they were looking for better yield and better disease and pest control.

Now companion planting is becoming more and more popular with todays gardeners, as the benefits are well worth the time it takes to do a little research on what plant suits with climates and plants best. Some plants do not go well together and this is also worth considering when planning your garden beds.

There are plenty of reasons people use companion planting;
1. Planting certain plants together can deter or distract some bugs and insects from attacking certain plants such as french beans or Clover(when properly maintained)can be beneficial to your brassicas as pests are less like to find your plants, also planting carrots, onions and garlic can deter such things as carrots and onion flies. Buckwheat is also another great one to grow as it deter aphids as it can attract up to as may as 30 different hoover flies and the love aphids.

2. Companion planting can also be used for attracting the right bugs and insect , the ones that are needed for pollination of our veggies and flowers such as the bee, hover flies, butterflies and ladybugs.
Fennel, Queen Anne’s Lace, Dill, Alyssum Cottage Salvia and marigolds are just a few that will do the trick.

3. Companion planting is also used in disease resistance, plant such thing as Camomile and foxglove are examples of this.

4. WEED REDUCTION!!!! That’s right you heard right companion planting can actually reduce your weeds. By planting certain plant in between others you can create a cover over the ground which makes it hard for weeds to grow. Rhododendron and dandelion will also give off a gas from the leaves that prevents weed seeds from germinating.

5.Certain companion planting can also change the scent of other plants one in particular is the rose which can sweeten its scent when surrounded by garlic.

6.Finally companion planting can be used for sunshading of other plants. If you have a small delicate plant in the garden pair it up with something tall to give the smaller more delicate some sun protection.

My Companion Planting List

APPLES- Chives, Foxglove, Garlic, Mustard and Potatoes
APRICOT- Basil, Garlic, Marigolds, Sunflower and Spinach
ASPARAGUS- Tomatoes, Parsley and Basil
BASIL- Tomatoes
BEANS- Potatoes, Carrots, Cucumbers, Cauliflower and Cabbage
BEETS- Onion and Kohirabi
BROCCOLI- Beans, Beets, Corriander, Dill, Potatoes and Strawberries
CABBAGE- Potatoes, Celery, Dill, Camomile, Saga and Thyme
CARROTS- Peas, Lettuce, Chives, Leeks, Sage and Rosemary
CELERY- Leeks, Tomatoes and Bush Beans
CORN- Beans, Cucumber and Parsnips
CUCUMBER- Beans, Corn, Peas, Sunflower and Radish
GARLIC- Roses and Raseberries
KOHLRABI- Beets, Cucumber Marigolds and Tomatoes
LAVENDER- Cabbage, Garlic, Roses and Silverbeet
MINT- Cabbage,Tomatoes and Parsley
NASTURTIUM- Tomatoes, Radish, Cabbage and Cucumber
ONIONS- Beets, Strawberries, Tomatoes and Lettuce
PARSLEY- Tomatoes and Asparagus
PEAS- Squash
RADISH- Peas, Nasturium, Lettuce and Cucumber
ROSEMARY- Carrots,Beans, Cabbage and Sage
ROSES- Chives, Garlic, Sage and Thyme
SAGE- Carrots,Cabbage,Peas and Beans
SPINACH- Strawberries
SQUASH- Beans and Onions
STRAWBERRIES- Beans and Spinach
SUMMER SAVORY- Beans and Onions
SUNFLOWERS- Apricots, Cucumber, Potatoes and Spinach
THYME- Chives, Onions, Parsley and Asparagus
ZUCCHINI- Corn, Marjoram and Nasturtium
The information provided for this list was researched from Yates and Organic Gardening and Farming.

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  1. Blue says:

    When I read this, I actually thought it was about how plants can enhance one’s well being! But, I learned something new! Seems like every time I drop by your blog, there is something golden to learn or new to pick up. Although not necessarily under the definition of “companion,” I shall have a plant companion for my office soon, thanks to you. So glad that I found you and your blog. ^.^

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    • Morning Blue, so glad you like my blog, I love sharing and alway try to share something new even though l know l ramble a little. I’ve never been good at writing but once l start l have trouble stopping. Maybe because I love talking about gardening so much.
      Have a great day:)

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  2. Blue says:

    …and I love learning about it through your eyes. ^.^ Have a wonderful day, Chantal, and may your garden be free of pesky bugs and full of all the beneficial ones!

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    • Hey Blue, Thank you for your constant support and inspiration I so look forward to us growing our indoor plant together:) check out my blog l have nominated you, your awesome Thanks:)

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      • Blue says:

        You’re so kind, Chantal! THANK YOU!!! I started the Lieber award post in response, but for the next few weeks, exams are occupying my time. So… I shall take it out and work on it, bit by bit. ^.^

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Morning Blue, I’m looking forward to your post. I completely understand, Life is a constant juggling act for us all:)
    Have a great day:)


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