Let’t talk Giant Vegetables

I guess the most famous of the giants for me is the Pumpkins. For years I have been fascinated by these beauties. But since starting to grow one myself on investigation I have found that the sky is the limit with the all the different types of vegetable that will super size. Tomatoes, onions, corn, watermelon and of course the marrow are all just to name a few, vegetables that you can grow to a enormous size.

With a little (or should l be honest) a lot of hard work and dedication, it really is possible to grow your own. It’s fun for young and old and very rewarding. I will like to provide you with some of the information and advice l have picked up along the way. I hope you find something for you, l know that for some  the secrets of growing giant pumpkin will never be revealed and that’s ok .

I would like to offer you some of the things l have learnt along the way.

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  1. Remember Me says:

    It’s maybe not the right place on your blog, so apologies to start with. I’m in the UK, Cleethorpes, North East Lincs. Do you have any advice on growing Kiwi Fruit? I tried last year and failed.

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    • Hey, Hope your both well, I don’t have a kiwi fruit but did a little research. I did find some general information and discovered that the kiwi needs a male and female to pollinate. So you need two plants.
      I’m a member of the Royal Horticurltural Society in Australia, I found their UK site and a factsheet on Kiwi which my be a little more informative in your region. You may need to copy and paste I’m not sure l know how to make a link for you here😄
      You should check it out its great info.
      Hope this help:)
      Have a good day


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